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BBFresh Raised Millions of Yuan in Angel Round Financing

BBFresh, a new lifestyle brand offering food container products and services, announced that it had raised multi-million yuan of funding in Angel round financing. The money mainly from individual investors.

This round of financing will be used for new product researches, developments, as well as marketing.

In recent years, people are paying more and more intentions to healthy food and lifestyles. The related industries are developing rapidly. Like air fryers, ice cream makers and popcorn makers, new kitchen brands are replacing traditional kitchenware and becoming the first choice for young consumers.

However, in the field of food preservation technology and products, which every family owns, most household brands are still using low price or traditional sales model. There is no progress in core technologies or brand perception yet.

BBFresh, founded at the beginning of 2022, chosed to face the chanllenges of food preservation products. The company wants to “innovate preservation products and redefine the food container market”.

BBFresh took the food storage product as their beginning point, and established a strategic partnership with the supply chain. They redeveloped and re-designed the products, aiming to empowering business with stronger branding expression.

At present, BBFresh’s products are mainly stainless steel food containers. Their materials are medical grade 316L antibacterial stainless steel, which can be cooled quickly and heated quickly. In addition, BBFresh has different sizes of products to meet the needs of consumers in different scenarios.

According to BBFresh the company, they have more than 20 SKUs now, priced from 40 yuan to more than 200 yuan. At present, BBFresh products have been launched in the Tmall store. Large-scale offline supermarket lauching is now being planned, and their products are planned to be sold in more than ten overseas regions and countrie

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