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Bringing and Reporting Brands from China.
Upper, Better, Faster,
Go global.

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brands from China is a global supply chain and dissemination platform exclusively catering to premium lifestyle brands. Our platform features a proprietary content-driven e-commerce and live-streaming distribution matrix, and is integrated with the top resources of the domestic and international new retail and communication industries.

We facilitate linkages between brands, industry resources, and target consumers by providing a full-service chain of content promotion, content-driven sales, and brand integrated communication.

Through collaborative efforts with more industrial resources, we aspire to empower more world-class brands to achieve greater success.

What is 上 / Shang?

it means "going higher", like we are pursuing a higher quality of life.
it means "upper", we always have a positive and optimistic attitude.
it means "the most", like our pursuit of the ultimate goals.
From the latest news to the hottest trends, we bring you the most promising lifestyle brands.
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